The idea was turning in our head since years.... we just needed a name.... it was a cold monday morning of october, the sun was rising, one meter of fresh snow fell over the night and covered our engadin valley, the sky was blue the silence unreal. The first sms arrived, followed by the others... we couldn’t go to office that day, it was a special day, it was the perfect day and we decided to treat ourselves. A while after, the crew was on the top ready for the first ride, the snow was deep the powder was light and entering in our mouths while screaming of happiness... we were just happy! A buddy of the crew had birthday that special day... when we lifted the beers to toast and celebrate the great day, it came so natural: happy birthday and happy Powder!! Happypowder... ...our dream started to became real....


We are born and grown up in the alps, we learned earlier to ski than to walk, in different ways and for different reasons the passion for the nature, mountains, fresh air, ski and fun brought us to set our bases in the Swiss mountains of engadin. Our common pas- sion made our paths to cross, so the HP crew was born... For several years we found ourselves trying to achieve always the same targets: ride the best powder, discover new destinations around the globe and have a lot of fun... This gave us inspira- tion to study, design and create the opti- mal clothing and gear to ride in the most comfortable way, with high quality standards and last but not least cool, cheeky and alternative design! Happypowder is born on the field, driven by passion, designed and tested in the most extreme conditions... we offer people emo- tions in a revolutionary look!


Respect the nature, you will get back a lot of inspiration


Create the best products to make customers experiences unforgettable


Friendship, passion, sharing unique moments, nature