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bio HappyPowder - The Brand

The idea was developing in our heads for years…

We just needed a name…

October 2011, it was a cold Monday morning and the sun just rose over the mountain tops.

Overnight fell one meter of fresh snow and covered our home valley – the beautiful Engadin. The sky was blue, the silence. unreal. The first SMS arrived at 7am, followed by many others … So I wasn’t the only one who noticed the recent snowfall.

Due to that special day we needed a day off.. It was that perfect day and we decided to indulge ourselves in going to ski.

After a while, the crew arrived on the top of the mountain – ready for the first ride of the year. The snow was deep, the powder was light and entering in our mouths while we were screaming of happiness… we were just overwhelmed!

Coincidentally, a buddy of the crew had birthday that day… when we lifted the beers to toast and celebrate this great day, it came so certainly: Happy Birthday and Happy Powder!!

H a p p y   P o w d e r

…our passion became reality…

HP team

We are born and raised in the Alps, so naturally we knew how to put on ski boots before tying a shoe lace. Our passion for nature, mountains, skiing and, the joy of being outside predestined our Engadin’ headquarter. Due to our shared vision we were able to establish a passionate and hardworking team. We are now constantly developing and reinventing our common love for the outdoors through our products. For several years now we have found ourselves looking for prime conditions, discovering new destinations around the globe and simply having fun… These trips gave us the inspiration needed to create, design and bring out the matching clothing and bring out the matching gear and clothing in order to ride most comfortably.

We focused on high quality standards and last but not least on functional, cheeky and alternative design!

Happypowder is driven by passion, designed with love and tested in the most extreme conditions all over the world… We offer people emotions with innovative technology in a revolutionary look!


Respect nature to the fullestand earn inspiration


Craft the best products to ensure unforgettable experiences for our customers


Friendship, passion, nature, sharing unique moments